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  KC Cottrell(China) Co., Ltd.  (hereinafter refer to as KCCN) was established in June 2002, KCCN is a 100% subsidiary company of KC Greenholdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter refer to as KCGH). The company locates at No. 9576, Donghuancheng Road, Changchun Economy & Development Zone, Changchun City, Jilin Province, P.R. China, with registered capital CNY 25 million, business scope are including design, manufacturing, installation and service of Dust Collection system, FGD system, Denitrification system, Ash Handling system, Water Treatment system, Incineration system etc, as well as technical consultation and service for air pollution control equipments and environmental protection projects, Research & Development and manufacturing of exclusive chemical products for environmental protection projects.
  We have 84 employees in the company at present. Till today, our air pollution control equipments spread into 17 provinces in China market and those equipments were reliable and appraised by the clients. We can provide equipments and services to overseas through our global network system and resources with headquarters in Seoul, Korea, and affiliated companies in UK, U.S.A, India and Vietnam etc.
  KCCN has mainly concentrated on the air pollution control equipments and other related areas since establishment. Based on our know-how and over 4 decades’ project experience, as well as mature R&D system and successful business model introduced from KC group, which laid a very good foundation for the development of the company, and we will keep on persevering in our efforts for the better future.
  KCCN survived by technical strength and superior products, developed by professional spirit and attitude, expanded by credibility and idea of customers’ value as our responsibility through over ten years’ trials and hardships.
  KCCN has well been acknowledged by China markets of power, metallurgy, cement industry and other relevant industries, and KCCN has continuously won the bids of FGD, Denitrification, waste water treatment and waste incineration projects.
  KCCN always keeps on innovation and research & development, we are probing the diversification way of environmental protection, all of that result from our focus on the environment and concern for health of humanity.
———————————————————————————— On earth and human health care environment ————————————————————————————
KC Cottrell(China) Co., Ltd. ICP No. 15002434 吉ICP備15002434號-1
Address: Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone East Road No. 9576
Fax: 0431-85877522 E-mail: [email protected]
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